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Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit are a deposit where you contract to leave your money on deposit for a specific period of time for a specific rate. Generally, the longer the money is left on deposit, the higher the interest rate. Substantial penalties exist for withdrawal prior to the maturity date.

PlantersFIRST offers highly competitive rates and they are guaranteed for the entire term, regardless of changes in the market conditions.

If you want to receive the interest income as you earn it, you can either have it credited to a PlantersFIRST checking, savings, or money market account or have interest checks mailed directly to you monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, at maturity or as agreed upon. If you want your investment to grow faster, simply leave the quarterly-compounded interest in the account to accumulate.

Because our interest rates vary from product to product, please click on the “Contact Us” and input the data in the inquiry fields and a Customer Service Representative will respond with details about our current interest rates. You may also stop by one of our locations for more information about CDs.

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