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PlantersFIRST operates as a Georgia state-chartered bank and is subject to regulations of and is periodically examined by the Georgia Department of Banking and by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).  PlantersFIRST functions as a regional banking institution and offers FIRST-rate Financial Products and Services to the mid-Georgia region and beyond.  PlantersFIRST has been serving its communities and its customers for 112 years through a wide range of customer-oriented products and services.  We are committed to well-planned, steady growth for our customers and ourselves.  This will continue to be our goal and our legacy in the future as your bank.

As always at PlantersFIRST…Your Banking Comes FIRST!!!  

PlantersFIRST Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a high quality value of return to our shareholders by well-trained and highly motivated team members who strive to deliver the highest level of quality service to all customers in our total market areas as well as to enhance and maintain our image as the major regional bank in our markets through innovation in the financial services industry.

Mid State Banks, Inc. – Holding Company

Mid State Banks, Inc., organized in 1979, is a registered bank holding company and is subject to regulation and supervision by the Federal Reserve System.  In 1986, Mid State Banks, Inc. acquired Cordele Banking Company and merged Planters Bank of Hawkinsville, GA and Pineview State Bank, of Pineview, GA.   As of January 1, 2000, Mid State Banks, Inc. banking subsidiaries operated under separate names as follows:   Planters Bank, Hawkinsville, GA – chartered 1896; Pineview State Bank, Pineview, GA – chartered in 1898 as Bank of Finleyson; Cordele Banking Company, Cordele, GA – chartered in 1927; and First State Bank of South Georgia with offices in Ocilla and Fitzgerald, GA – chartered in 1942 as First State Bank of Ocilla.  Upon implementation of an Operations Center, all banks converted to a single name, PlantersFIRST.  PlantersFIRST was formed from the names of Planters Bank, Hawkinsville, GA and First State Bank of South Georgia, Ocilla and Fitzgerald, GA and retained the charter of Planters Bank, which has been in operation since 1896.  In January 2005, a decision was made to search and evaluate other markets for bank expansion.  Perry, GA, Houston County, was chosen as the place to locate a full-service banking facility.  A loan production office was immediately located in Perry while the branch facility was being constructed.  The Perry location of PlantersFIRST began operations in January 2007.

Timeline of Events:

1896 – Planters Bank chartered in Hawkinsville, GA.
1969 – Planters Bank purchased Bank of Finleyson, which was relocated and renamed to Pineview State Bank of Pineview, GA.
1979 – Mid State Banks, Inc. was formed as a single bank holding company.
1986 – Planters Bank purchased Cordele Banking Company, Cordele, GA, at which time a bank holding company, Mid State Banks, Inc. was formed.
1996 – Mid State Banks, Inc. purchased First State Bank of Ocilla, GA.  Immediately after purchase, First State Bank expanded to Fitzgerald, GA.
2000 – Mid State Banks, Inc. united all banks into one branch banking system, thus creating the name PlantersFIRST.  An Operations Center was built to merge all banks data processing systems.
2007 – Mid State Banks, Inc. expanded to Perry, GA under the name PlantersFIRST.

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