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PlantersFIRST Customer,

Your banking relationship with PlantersFIRST is important to us and we are committed to providing you with quality service. In doing so we would like to inform you of a recent federal regulatory change that may impact your ATM and everyday debit card transactions.

Effective August 14th, 2010, PlantersFIRST will no longer be allowed to consider authorizing and paying everyday (one time) debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals that overdraw your account-unless you authorize us to do so.

No Worries

Have you ever had a situation where you were making a purchase with your debit card and suddenly realize that the check you meant to deposit a few days earlier is still sitting in your wallet? You worry and wonder whether that purchase will go through. We can help ease your mind.

At PlantersFIRST, we provide overdraft services to cover those ATM and one-time debit card transactions-saving embarrassment and the extra hassles in your already busy day. We want to be sure you are aware of the overdraft protection options available to you-to ensure your transactions are processed.

Easy to Get Started

Click here for the form that provides you with the information you’ll need to make an informal decision on whether overdraft services are right for you. Please take a moment to review the options available. If you would like to sign-up, simply complete the form and return to us at one of our locations or simply log in to your Internet Banking and send us a secure message informing us that you want to opt in.

More Information?

Contact us at, call 1-800-684-8118 or stop by your local branch office to learn more about overdraft services and other money management tools available to help you stay informed and on top of your account.

Thank You for choosing PlantersFIRST for your banking needs.


PlantersFirst Overdraft Programs Disclosure
*All fees in this disclosure reflect current fees which are subject to change
Feature Overdraft Protection (Linked Accounts) Courtesy Pay Overdraft Program
How to Qualify

Statement Savings or Money Market Account

Now, First Checking, Go Green, Small Business, Commercial Account, or First Seniors

Note: This Account will serve as primary overdraft protection with the Courtesy Pay program activating only when funds in linked account are depleted

Must be 18 years or older

Account opened for 60 days or longer and has an "Active" status

Account has a minimum average balance last statement cycle of $100

Bringing the account to a positive balance at least every 30 days

Increments Transferred Mutiples of $25.00 or the amount requested by the cutomer, in order to maintain sufficient account balance. Enough to cover deficiency plus each Overdraft fee
Limits Sufficient balance maintained in account.
No more than six automatic transfers per month on any savings or Money Market account per Federal Regulation
Fees* $10.00 per daily transfer
  • Current authorized overdraft fee ($35.00).
  • Maximum five fees charged per day
  • Daily Overdraft fee ($2.50) assessed after the balance reaches   the overdraft limit until balance is made positive, or 45 days overdrawn
Comparison of Daily Cost if five overdrafts are processed by advances from each type overdraft account. $10.00 $175.00
Transactions Covered Any type of overdraft-by check, ACH, ATM, or POS Basic Plan: Only overdrafts by checks or ACH
Optional Service: May Opt In for ATM and one time POS Transactions
Payment of an Overdraft Payment of an overdraft is discretionary on the part of the Bank and may disclaim any legal obligation of the institution to pay any overdraft.
Transaction Clearing Policy Credits are posted before withdrawls. Checks cashed at PlantersFIRST will clear first, followed by ATM, ACH, any additional checks in same file will post by check number order.
Special Notations regarding the Courtesy Pay Program including the Optional Service

The Courtesy Pay Program is automatically activated after meeting the above requirements.

You may OPT OUT of this program at any time.

If the account remains negative for 31 days, the Courtesy Pay Overdraft privilege will be removed automatically. If the account remains negative 45 days, checking account may be closed.

If you receive direct deposit of your monthly Social Security payment into your checking account and do not want Courtesy pay eligibility, you must advise us to stop us from paying your overdrafts with these funds.

PlantersFIRST may change or cancel this policy at its sole discretion at any time without prior written notice.

Questions or to Opt-In or Opt-Out of the ATM/POS or to Opt-Out of the program Stop by any of our 6 locations. Contact Customer Service at 1-800-684-8118, or mail your request to P.O. Box 879, Cordele, GA 31010
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